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Importance of Vaastu In and around

Why is it appreciated so much and why does it fascinate people so much?

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  • Need for Vastu Shastra
  • Benefits of Vastu Shastra

The concept of Vastu has proved to be advantageous in many aspects of life. Vastu is generally used by people for the hope of living a better life.  The concept of Vastu Shastra generally revolves around the elements and directions of nature.  As per Vastu, for each direction, there exists a certain rule.  The eight major things in life can be explained with the help of the eight directions.  The flow of the right energy in all these directions can be extremely helpful.

The concept of Vastu also involves the five elements of nature.  These five elements are called the Panchbhootas. Air, water, earth, space and fire are the five elements that constitute the Panchbhootas. When these five elements are used and placed properly, a person is generally blessed with all goodness and good luck and fate.

If these two concepts work with perfection and hand in hand, a person’s life can be full of happiness and gaiety. This will also help the person to live a more spiritual life.

Is there any Need for Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra is essential in life and it can help a person to live better.  The aim of Vastu is to concentrate positive energy in the lives of people so that in due course they can succeed in whatever they opt to do.

It is evident that people who live in Vastu complied houses live a better and prosperous life compared to people who live in non-complied Vastu houses.  The Vastu complied houses help the residents to get benefits from solar energy, lunar energy and cosmic forces.

Although it is not always possible to comply with all the rules of Vastu at the time of the construction of the house, however it is advisable to implement at least some rules of Vastu to make it a better place for living. Some believes that living in Vastu complied houses can help you become successful in life as the mantra of Vastu is to make the lives of people pleasant.  The benefits that is gained from Vastu, is mostly spiritual in nature. Being successful does not always mean material success. It is actually the spiritual attainment that makes the life of the people better and prosperous.

It is not so difficult to follow the rules or the concepts of Vastu Shastra. Most of the rules of Vastu is in relation to the construction of houses and proper maintenance of them.

Importance or Benefits of Vastu Shastra:

The following are some benefits that are ascertained from Vastu Shastra.

  1. Provides Comfort: Vastu can be used when someone wants to feel better in life. Loss and pain are part of life, but one has to learn how to live with it. Vastu plays a key role when it comes to giving mental support when a person goes through a traumatic phase in life.
  2. Inner Realisation: Vastu provides us with the lessons on how to become strong and powerful in life. It is generally an art form that influences the process of construction. If someone aims to know about the inner space, he should be able to create an outer space.
  3. Provide Strength: Vastu Shastra aims at and gives us what is exactly required for a successful and cheerful life. In case if something annoys or troubles us, Vastu makes our life comfortable too. So, it provides us with a dual benefit of the mental and physical world.
  4. User-Friendly: The structure that is built in compliance with Vastu is perfect in nature and it helps for the maximum flow of positive energy. This is one of the major uses of Vastu Shastra.
  5. Best use of Space: Since Vastu revolves around construction and architecture, hence the rooms are constructed in the right way and at the right place. This allows the residents to gain the most from the philosophies of Vastu Shastra.
  1. Proper structuring: A house is constructed based on the requirements of the people who are going to live in that house.
  2. Enhancement of a person’s personality: Vastu Shastra helps to enhance the personality of people who reside in the house.
  3. Improves relationship with other people: Vastu helps to enhance the relationship with other people who are living around you. It helps in the promotion of peace and hence helps to improve the relationship among the people who live in the same building.
  4. The growth of Spiritual Knowledge: Vastu helps to grow the inner knowledge and spirituality in people.
  5. Mental Peace: Vastu gives a pure and clean environment to reside, hence it provides mental support and growth and mental peace. Vastu helps in the promotion of health and wealth in a person’s life. It makes people more alert and aware of the surroundings. Vastu Shastra also energises people and keep them fit and fine.

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